11mm Herringbone Engineered Blocks:











Herringbone flooring, also known as parquet flooring is one of the most beautiful and  distinctive types of hardwood floor. Dating back hundreds of years, the recognisable pattern will add charm and character to any area and property type. Our 11mm range has been developed especially for the use over underfloor heating, and although is thinner than usual, its just as durable and offers superb long term stability.

Kensington £43.25 sqm
Kensington Oak 900302

The neutral shade of this floor will make a statement in any room! Mix and match different shades or play with the layout for a look as unique as your home.
Hampstead £43.75 sqm
Hampstead Oak

The Hampstead Oak hints at the current trend for grey flooring whilst allowing the more natural tones of oak to show. The classic parquet design sits perfectly with both a more traditional and modern decor. The tongue and groove profile allows the floor to be laid in different patterns to achieve the perfect look for any room. As the Hampstead Oak is engineered it is suitable for use with water-based underfloor heating too.
Harlesden £68.75 sqm
Harlesden Smoked Oak 900301

The Harlesden Smoked Oak perfectly showcases the diversity of nature. The colour difference between the boards allows you to add a contemporary twist to a modern floor style. The select grade of the boards means that there are fewer knots and splits giving a beautiful finish. The tongue and groove profile enables you to lay this floor in different patterns and it suitable for use with water based underfloor heating too.
Sloane £68.75 sqm
Sloane Smoked Oak 900303

With its rich, dark coffee tones the Sloane Smoked Oak will add luxury and style to any room. The parquet blocks can be laid in a number of different patterns to suit your individual style. All of our Parquet collection is made from engineered hardwood which makes them suitable for use over water-based underfloor heating. The smoking process that the boards go through mean that the colour seeps deeper into the plank keeping them looking better for longer.
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Please click on the images for further details. Discounts available for orders over 50 sqm, and pallet orders.  All prices exclude VAT.

11 x 70 x 500mm

                                          20mm Herringbone Engineered Blocks

20 x 100 x  500mm

Harrow £60.10 sqm
Harrow Oak 700751

The light honey tones of Harrow Oak work perfectly in any room in the house. The engineered blocks fit together with a tongue and groove profile allowing you to create a range of different designs and patterns. The rustic grade shows nature at its finest with knots and natural imperfections clearly visible.
Finish: Lacquer
Rugby £60.10 sqm
Rugby Oak 700756

Rugby is a classic shade that will enhance any room. It mixes well with all the other shades in the range to create a room that is truly unique.
Finish: UV Oil
Winchester £61.25 sqm
Winchester Oak 700752

The light shade of Winchester is an ideal choice for large and small rooms alike. The blocks allow for a range designs to be created to suit the size of the space.

Finish: UV Oil
Dulwich £61.25 sqm
Dulwich Oak 700760

The grain pattern in the Dulwich is highlighted beautifully to create a truly stunning floor that will be a feature of any room. It can be laid in a number of different patterns for the perfect look.

Finish: UV Oil
Chester £62.50 sqm
Chester Oak 700755

The slight hint of grey in Chester gives a modern twist on a traditional parquet without being too daring. The rustic grade adds character to the floor which works equally with older and newer houses.

Finish: UV Oil
Shrewsbury £62.50 sqm
Shrewsbury Oak 700753

A blonde floor that will add an air of lightness to any room. The rustic grade adds traditional character with the grain and knots visible. The T&G profile is ideal for creating a multi tonal floor with other planks.

Finish: UV Oil
Westminster £66.25 sqm
Westminster Oak 700754

The distinctive warmth and natural beauty of the toffee shade along with the parquet style will give a truly traditional look. Lay the planks in a herringbone or double herringbone for a truly vintage feel.

Finish: UV Oil
Epsom £92.50 sqm
Epsom Oak 700758

The strong grey tones in this floor will add a statement to any room. If you want to perfect the industrial look with a traditional edge the Epsom is perfect.

Finish: Natural Oil
Eton £107.50 sqm
Eton Oak 700757

The beautiful white tones of Eton Oak will add a light and clean feel to any room. The rustic grade enhances the natural charters of oak and gives the floor a slight coastal feel.

Finish: Natural Oil
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