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Welcome to The London Wood Flooring Co, the online home of both traditional and modern wood and laminate flooring supply, fitting, and wood floor sanding and restoration.

We offer a complete wood flooring supply and fit service to suit your needs, across London, and all surrounding counties, to both commercial and domestic premises. Whether you're interested in supply only, fit only, or a fully comprehensive supply and fit service, our team are more than happy to help discuss your requirements and options in detail. We're more than happy to send out free samples (max 3), just send us an email with your requirements, and we'll do the rest!

What Do We Do?

Flooring Supply

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Floor Fitting


Floor Sanding



Why Choose Wood?

If you love charm, tradition, rich colours and varied patterns, then wood flooring is the perfect choice for your home.

Wood flooring offers unique sustainable credentials as it is a natural, renewable product.


Hardwood flooring doesn’t attract dust mites or any other allergy causing organisms, minimising the risk for allergy suffers. Our ranges of wood flooring are manufactured using natural products to further minimise the VOC content of the products. 


Hardwood flooring can also be the chosen flooring option for your home as it consumes less energy. Since you save on energy utilisation, you directly contribute to

energy conservation and this goes without saying that saving energy contributes towards a greener environment. How many times in 50 years would you replace your carpet, compared to wood flooring which can be rejuventated?

To book a free site survey, enquire about any of our products or to order samples, please fill in the form below. Max 3 free samples. All we need is the product name and code

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